Facebook Is Trying Out Sponsored Results

According to Search Engine Journal, Facebook has been testing a new form of advertising similar to those ads found on both Google and Youtube, namely sponsored results.

Like Adwords, these new ads will be offered on a CPC basis. But unlike Google’s Adwords, bids for Facebook ads will not be based on “keywords” or search phrases. Instead, bids for these new ads will based on specific pages, apps, and places.

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Facebook Testing Sponsored Results Advertising Option

Lastest Round of Google Link Warnings A False Alarm?

So if you have been paying attention much to SEO over the past few months, then you know it has been a wild and bumpy ride, especially for anyone who is participating in less than optimal link building strategies.

Many website owners have been receiving rather ominous messages from Google via their Webmaster Tools interface warning of “unnatural” links pointing to their sites.

While these messages have caused untold anxiety for website owners, Google has continued on its crusade to devalue links it deems unnatural and even to penalize sites who have built large volumes of low-quality links.

But, as Danny Sullivan points out, today Google sent out a fresh batch of these “unnatural link” notices, then effectively told people to ignore the notices.

You can read Danny’s entire article here, which goes into much more detail on the matter. But suffice it to say that, if you have been building spammy links to your site (or been hiring SEO companies to do it for you), now is the time to stop dong so and start concentrating on improving the quality of your site so that people will want to link to it naturally.

Old school SEO is dying a quick death.Google is zeroing in on any and all link building techniques. The only safe route to take from here on out is to improve your site, build a following in your niche, and direct your followers to high quality content that will interest and engage them.

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