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True Story:

Every year, advertisers spend tens of billions dollars on Google Adwords – a staggering $67.39 billion in 2015.1 That’s a big number but here’s the crazy part – at least half of that is waste from poorly managed accounts. Without getting into all of the reasons why, most in-house teams and PPC management companies just don’t do a very good job. So what makes us different? Everything! Starting with the fact that we’re…

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We’re More Than Just a PPC Company

For our clients, Adwords is just one component of an integrated marketing solution. In other words, we view Adwords within the context of your entire marketing plan. If it makes sense and we think it can be profitable, we’ll recommend it. But we’ll never push the wrong channel on any of our clients because it happens to be our only area of expertise. When Adwords does make sense however, we go nuclear:

adwords competitive analysis


Know your enemy right? We’ll collect all kinds of actionable data from your competitors by dissecting their campaigns and spying on them with 3rd party diagnostic tools. Anything they do well, we’ll do better. Where they leave gaps – presto – we’ll be there!

adwords advanced segmentation


Segmentation is vital to our overall approach, from setup to ongoing optimization. We’ll structure your campaigns and ad groups to target audiences, keywords, and technology in the most granular way possible. As we learn from incoming data, we’ll segment further.

adwords ad copy

High Converting
Ad Copy

Cramming your “message” and your “offer” into three short lines takes finesse. Connecting with people on an emotional level is the ‘secret sauce’. We’ll use emotional triggers, curiosity gaps, even Haiku’s if we have to in order to attract searchers to your landing pages.

adwords a/b testing


Searchers will tell you what they want – you just have to listen. We’ll create two to three unique sets of ad copy for each ad group, split test, pick the winner, then rinse & repeat. What we learn from A/B testing our ad copy ideas can be applied across marketing channels.

adwords landing pages


We’ll work with you to ensure that you have proper landing pages on your website. Relevant, high converting landing pages raise your quality score and reduce your CPC – lowering your overall CPL and CPA – they’re the backbone of any successful Adwords campaign.

adwords ad extensions

Ad Extensions

Let us get your ad extensions really working for you. Sitelinks, call extensions, callouts, location extensions, and others create more opportunity to get the click. We also use them to measure interest and test messaging. And, they’re also a (little known) ranking factor.

Is Adwords Right for Your Business?

It takes just a few minutes for us to evaluate Adwords as a channel for your business. If it’s a “No”, we’ll suggest other channels. If it’s a “Yes”, we can use Adwords to accomplish some pretty amazing things for you.

  • Intercept high commercial intent searchers and send to landing pages
  • Test messaging and offers in order to accelerate validated learning
  • Provide a steady stream of traffic to support an A/B testing program

  • Provide valuable demographic and geographic market research data
  • Reveal conversion rates from desktop/laptop, tablet, mobile users
  • Increase visibility by getting your company on page 1 of Google

We’ve helped startups, established brands, and businesses of all shapes and sizes generate high quality leads and attract motivated customers using Adwords. Contact us for a free evaluation.

Under New Management (you)

You’re going to sleep so much better at night with a Nitro-Managed Adwords account, and here’s why: Managing Adwords requires equal parts organization, Rain Man, and OCD. You can’t “phone it in” and you can’t take your eye off the ball. We watch our accounts closely, performing daily checks as well as using custom scripts to ensure that all campaigns are performing. Daily activities include: bid management, keyword filtering, segmentation, day parting, split testing, ad copywriting, and overall campaign performance evaluations to determine ROI.

sheri feldman

“Nitro initiated a pay-per–click campaign for us that successfully launched our products and continues to sustain web-based sales.”

Sheri Feldman, M.D.Nationwide Cosmetics eCommerce Store

Repurposing Adwords Data

The insights gained from evaluating Adwords performance can and should be used to laser target your marketing both online and offline. As we continue to refine your campaigns, we’ll report back with suggestions and ideas on how to refine your product or service to meet marketplace demands. Adwords is a powerful way to test your market, your messaging, and your product or service quickly and inexpensively.

repurposing adwords data

Ramping It Up

Search ads are just part of what you can do with Google Adwords. Google Shopping Ads (formerly PLA’s), Retargeting Ads, YouTube Ads, Display Ads, and Google Sponsored Promotions (Gmail Ads), are all managed through the Adwords platform.

adwords google shopping

Shopping Ads

Huge growth potential for ecommerce stores with a product feed.

adwords retargeting ads


Gain multiple exposures and increase conversion rates.

adwords youtube ads

YouTube Ads

Get your video content in front of targeted audiences.

adwords display ads

Display Ads

Place your banner ads on top blogs, publishing and news websites.

adwords gmail ads google sponsored promotions

Gmail Ads

Offer your best deals right in the gmail promotions tab.

Want Your Adwords Done Right?

We’ve intelligently spent millions of dollars on PPC advertising for our clients. Our methodology is proven and you can trust us to maximize your Adwords budget. Call us at (310) 736-1704 or click the button below to send us a message if you’d like to find out more about our awesome and affordable managed service.