Hero Images: All the Rage, But Are They For You?

We just recently heard from a friend attending one of the big conversion optimization conferences that oversized “hero” images were the talk of the event. Specifically, landing pages with the oversized images have been winning out over pages with smaller images in split tests conducted by a broad number of firms. Justin Rondeau added his […]

Our Secret Weapon for Winning at PPC

Online ad management isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, effort, experience, and knowledge to not just break even but to make substantial profits with Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. The competition grows more fierce by the day, and as good as you might get at optimizing ads and campaigns, you really only […]

Google’s Revenge on Business Owners (And How to Save Yourself from It!)

Are you terrified of Google right now? If you are a business owner, and you have done any SEO for your site (or hired anyone to do SEO for you), then you probably should have a little fear in your heart right about now. So what is there to be afraid of exactly? Well, for […]

When Bad Reviews Are Good

Many business owners we have dealt with can get downright panicky when they get a bad review or two, and not without good reason. Just a couple really scathing reviews, in the absence of any others, can really do great damage to a business over time. But can negative reviews actually help your business? According […]

Video: Break the Keyword Stuffing Habit

Keyword stuffing is an age-old SEO trick that used to work… about 10-15 years ago. But these days, packing an unnatural amount of keywords into your website copy might not just turn off your prospective leads but, as this video describes, it could very well hurt your Google rankings too. So what should you do […]

Matt Cutts’ Explanation for Keeping Toolbar PR

Matt Cutts responds to a question about why Google keeps displaying PageRank in the Google toolbar. It’s a good question given that most of us who consider ourselves practitioners of “white hat” SEO long ago stopped paying attention to PageRank, while spammers still seem fixated on it. Matt’s answer as to why Google persists in […]

Video: Link Bait Ideas

Link bait is a great way to attract links naturally. But many people seem to think that link bait is somehow difficult to create or that it has to be of exceptionally high quality. While it is always good to create quality content, there is no reason to put link bait upon some sort of […]

Video: Boosting SEO with PR

With all the changes at Google these days, it seems your options for safe link building are all but drying up. But there are still some very safe and effective ways to get legitimate links to your site and bolster your search rankings, traffic, and conversions. One of the best ways is to utilize press […]

Avoid Over Sharing Online

Over sharing on social media can hurt your online business and reputation. To avoid the damage, do the following: Be selective about instant sharing. Turn off most location-based apps. Only share with real and trusted friends. Update settings on a regular basis. Use a service that monitors your online interactions so you can track it, […]