Protecting Your Online Image

It takes a great deal of effort to build a good reputation online, but it seems like it takes no time at all for someone or some event to tarnish your good name. Protecting your online image can be achieved through great customer service, avoiding crises, coming through for clients and readers, reviewing your past […]

Mozscape Upgrade

SEOmoz’s Mozscape is now faster and cleaner. There are much larger indexes, and updates are improved. A while ago, Mozscape AZI beta suggested these changes and people came from all over to try them out. The testers helped spot and correct bugs in order to get the best version. The speed of it is in […]

Twitter and the Fortune 500

Every year, Fortune 500 publishes a ranking of America’s top corporations, divided by categories like growth and profit. It’s all about the numbers—who commands the most of everything. What this list fails to provide is how those numbers were achieved. For instance, how much do some of the top corporations profit from being on Twitter? […]

Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Lead to Hacking

Two-factor authentication, two-factor authentication, two-factor authentication. I wrote it three times, but hopefully you get this one vital point. It’s a big deal. Do it for your Google account to help prevent hackers taking over your online life. When all accounts are “daisy chained” together, it permits hackers to quickly devastate your digital life within […]

Content Marketing is Social Media Marketing

Many content marketers separate their content marketing from their social media marketing. Just because many do it doesn’t make it a good idea. Actually, it is a terrible idea that wastes resources and reveals a lack of understanding about how to bridge mediums in a profitable way. It is best to blend all content into […]

Microsoft Announces New AdCenter Preview Tool

For a long time, advertisers on Microsoft’s AdCenter have wanted a way to verify that their ads run. A recent Microsoft Advertising blog post states that a new ad preview tool will finally allow advertisers to monitor how ads are being seen. For example, the ad preview tool can reveal whether or not an ad […]

Don’t Cheat Your Business with Cheap SEO & Media Labor

Saving money is a good thing for business. That said, there’a difference between saving money and being cheap. A viable online presence takes time and money. Money is time. Your online presence is usually one of the first introductions to your budding empire. Make it classy. No one likes cheap. Not your friends, not your […]

Twitter: Engage and Search

Developing a popular Twitter following goes a long way toward expanding business. Customers enjoy seeing what a company tweets, plus having access to insider information or links of interest. However, companies often make the mistake of not interacting with their followers, which leaves many of them feeling unappreciated. Many companies also overlook a valuable part […]

Facebook Plug-ins that Build Site Traffic

Having content shared on Facebook helps build loyal traffic. Achieving that requires the use of plug-ins, whether on their own or in some combination that works well on a tested basis. According to Andrea Vahl, the plug-ins are: Recommendations Bar: This is the newest plug-in in the form of a pop-up box that readers see […]

Google’s Matt Cutts on PageRank

According to Matt Cutts of Google, PageRanks go down when selling links occurs. The links are sold to pass PageRank, which is basically like buying a review. Google considers it unethical and in some cases, dangerous. An example of the danger arises from medical issues, like a writer endorsing a medical procedure they know nothing […]