September 5, 2012 nitroint

Facebook Plug-ins that Build Site Traffic

Having content shared on Facebook helps build loyal traffic. Achieving that requires the use of plug-ins, whether on their own or in some combination that works well on a tested basis. According to Andrea Vahl, the plug-ins are:

  • Recommendations Bar: This is the newest plug-in in the form of a pop-up box that readers see as they scroll a blog. It directs people who could share to other well-liked content on the site, and appears in the Facebook newsfeed. Shows likes.
  • Recommendations Box: This features popular articles appearing as a share on Facebook without being labeled as a “like”, and is the oldest plug-in.
  • The Like Button: Well-known, but completely invaluable. Readers clicking the button means the “like” is transmitted to their Facebook profiles so their friends see it.
  • The Like Box: It transmits your Facebook page to your website instead of putting your info on your audience’s Facebook pages. This can be very useful for developing a loyal following that sees both of your worlds at once.

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