Twitter and the Fortune 500

Every year, Fortune 500 publishes a ranking of America’s top corporations, divided by categories like growth and profit. It’s all about the numbers—who commands the most of everything.

What this list fails to provide is how those numbers were achieved. For instance, how much do some of the top corporations profit from being on Twitter?

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Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Lead to Hacking

Two-factor authentication, two-factor authentication, two-factor authentication. I wrote it three times, but hopefully you get this one vital point.

It’s a big deal. Do it for your Google account to help prevent hackers taking over your online life. When all accounts are “daisy chained” together, it permits hackers to quickly devastate your digital life within a mere hour. Two-factor authentication helps prevent that.

Information has to be backed up, too.

However, there are still huge flaws in both Apple and Amazon security that allows a horror like this to happen, and it did happen to Mat Honan.

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Microsoft Announces New AdCenter Preview Tool

For a long time, advertisers on Microsoft’s AdCenter have wanted a way to verify that their ads run. A recent Microsoft Advertising blog post states that a new ad preview tool will finally allow advertisers to monitor how ads are being seen.

For example, the ad preview tool can reveal whether or not an ad shows to a targeted audience, along with diagnostic features and targeted feedback capabilities. That means an advertiser can enter criteria such as language and domain according to cities and states.

It will be made available even if the business is not logged into AdCenter. The launch should be in the next platform builds.

Google’s Matt Cutts on PageRank

According to Matt Cutts of Google, PageRanks go down when selling links occurs. The links are sold to pass PageRank, which is basically like buying a review.

Google considers it unethical and in some cases, dangerous. An example of the danger arises from medical issues, like a writer endorsing a medical procedure they know nothing about and have not bothered to research. All they do is make it sound good.

PageRank violation is one of the more common reasons why businesses lose their online clout, but it can be rectified by removing the links. After removing the links, a business should reach out to Google to show them that the issue has been amended.

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The Outragous Cost of Not Tweeting at Work

It’s somewhere between $900 billion and 1.3 trillion dollars.

No small change.

Yet some of the world’s richest people are not Tweeting: the CEOs of the world’s Fortune 500 companies. Only 20 of them own a Twitter account. And those that have one only use it sporadically, if at all.

The resistance to tweeting keeps many businesses behind in social media gains such as new business and technology.

It is costing them around $900 billion to $1.3 trillion in potential value.

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Google Plus Now at the Office

Google Plus has long been an underused resource. Now Google will combine it with Google Apps, which corporations buy to track information via calendar, document, and spreadsheet service.

The integration is designed to make office flow much smoother. One of the many positives is the streamlining that will result from Hangouts, a video chat service that utilizes calendars and allows everyone to coordinate virtually.

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Adwords Introduces Geo-Targeting

Google is now utilizing a geographical targeting option for Adwords. This includes 11 countries and plans for more along with Canadian postal code targeting. In the U.S. market, this will affect urban areas as they will no longer be targeted. Designated marketing area (DMA) targeting is the new goal, and Nielsen media markets will be designated.

If advertisers use both online and television, they will be able to reach the same people by targeting the same DMA on both.

Despite the changes, Google expects advertisers to experience few problems.

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