August 25, 2012 nitroint

The State of Marketing in 2012

2012 marketing trends reveal that consumers are rapidly becoming device-agnostic, which means that you must be everywhere your customers go, from their home computer to their mobile phone. There are also other issues that should affect how your company appears online.

First of all, it’s time everyone realized that social media is here to stay. Adults use it, too. It is the number one Internet activity for just about everyone. All companies benefit from strong social media marketing.

Content marketing creates brand value. It allows your service to stand out from competitors in an engaging way. Make sure the content is viable and relevant.

Keep open communication with your customers. Emails counts. They like to feel valued and connected one on one. Targeted communication in addition to social media builds business and loyalty.

Real time means that you need to get real serious about crisis management. Keeping on top of trends and tracking how prospects connect can help prevent a marketing crisis, but if one occurs a crisis management team can prevent an even bigger disaster.

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